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Hospitality references: +30 hotels in Arcibella design.

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Långvik  Congress Wellness Hotel Helsinki 

Entire interior design of hotel Långvik.

100 rooms, 4 suites, spa, congress capacity for 1200 guests, 2 restaurants and nightclub. Fixed furniture, the light design, materials, loose furniture all designed by Studio Arcibella.

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Brasserie Kämp Helsinki

One of our favourite restaurant designs. At Brasserie Kämp Studio Arcibella is behind it's whole existence by inventing the idea of stylish glassed terrace for the landmark hotel Kämp. Together with architects we created this classic all-year-round terrace to our beloved home town together with its original interior and exterior looks.

Kaupungintalon ravintola - Helsinki Townhall Restaurant 

Kaupungintalon ravintola is a restaurant situated at the inner court of the Townhall of Helsinki City. The architecture is A listed, designed by Arno Ruusuvuori at 1960. The interior renovation was thererfore executed in tight co-operation with the museum authoroties. With delicate changes we created an interior which is designed to last time yet being contemporary. Marble, real leather, brass and limestone were the classic materials we wanted to use in this distinguish interior.


All fixed furniture are custom designed for the restaurant as well as the customized italian oak chairs with leather upholstery. 

Ceilings were protected but we were able to add small layer with new lights on top of the reception/cashier counter. Otherwise the existing lightdesign was modernized by replacing led bulbs into existing lamp bodies.




Our focus:

The focus for the future design lies in telling interesting and real stories with interior design - stories that rise from the real history and surroundings and mastering materials & light.

Good quality design creates real sustainability and saves our client's money. Light creates space together with surfaces. This is what we are specialized in an pursue to achieve. 

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Hotel Glo Concept 2007 - 2019

In Glo Kluuvi we started with the feasibility study stage by layouting the existing builing into a hotel. Design consists of 144 rooms and corridor areas. All fixed furniture and most of the lights are designed by Studio Arcibella. 


GLO Hotel Kluuvi was the first life style hotel to open in Helsinki 2007 and first of a hotel chain that was based on our design. The aim of the design was to create timelessly modern, totally new type of hotel to Helsinki area with a customer’s luxurious feel good experience as a main target. GLO Hotel Kluuvi has won nomination as being one of top 50 luxury new hotels in the world by Condeé Nast Traveller magazine. It has been nr1 in Tripadvisor’s Helsinki hotel list for 6 successing years. It has had the best occupancy rate of all hotels in Finland, average being over 80% and still is among top ranked.

GLO Art was opened in 2014. This hotel is located in three different neighobouring buildings giving a special character to each. 



Domestic Airport design and concept

Studio Arcibella has been creating the brand concept for refreshing the interiors in our domestic airports through out Finland and been designing to 9 dfferent domestic airport interior renovations within Finland during the last years. 

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