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Our Story

Studio Arcibella is a Helsinki based interior architecture company specialized in hospitality – hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. Our approach to interior architecture is holistic and we base our design always to the site and surroundings, history and the immersive experience of the users of the spaces. Our design is sustainable - long lasting design doesn't waste nor natural resources or budgets and we care about materials. 


Kristiina Michelsson, the founder and CEO of Studio Arcibella has got a background of a Italian education from Rome and Milan, and very strong roots in Scandinavian design by belonging to a third generation of a architectural family, and great grand daughter of the National sculptor of Finland, Wäinö Aaltonen.


Established in 1994 Studio Arcibella is today by references one of the leading design offices for hospitality in Finland. Our clients include internationally recognized hospitality brands like Radisson Blu, Marriot, Scandic, LeMeridien and Best Western together with local brands like Sokos Hotels and Kämp hotels.

Studio Arcibella has experience of designing over 30 hotels, dozens of restaurants and total of over 500 public projects in Finland, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Great Britain and Russia. Hotels designed by Studio Arcibella have been nominated high both nationally and internationally.

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What and How

We offer interior design, concept design and consultancy.

You can order work on hourly basis or the whole execution.

Nothing is too small or too big for us as a project. We are specialized in hospitality - hotels and restaurants. Over 500 references tell many stories of job well done.

Our network consists of graphic designers and architects as well as of our inhouse team. The size of the inhouse team is small in order for us to stay agile and cost effective - we call ourselves a 'small interior design boutique.

Kristiina Michelsson

Owner, CEO

kristiina.michelsson at

Tel: +358-50-64845

Office: +358-9-6211041


We are open for new talent and

team members

If you have atleast 2 years of work experience and love interior design, send your resumé

and CVto us by email and let's be in touch.

Kristiina Ketonen

Interior architect

kristiina.ketonen (at)

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