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Hotel Mestari

Hotel Mestari is our latest boutique hotel design opened in summer 2022. It is a conversion of an office building to 237 rooms, conference rooms for hundreds of clients, restaurants, bars, and inside & outside light concept - all custom designed by Team Arcibella.

Hotel Mestari is a Masculine lifestyle hotel by design. This theme was a winning idea when our client chose designers and it became the leading theme of the Hotel Mestari brand. Background of the theme leads back to the origins of the building, which is  built in 1930 and still owned by the Association of Construction foremen of Helsinki. The origins play a major part in the interior surface materials - the 'skeleton' or bare bones, the structures, beams and layers under of the building is left visible by stripping all layers off and showing original bricks and ceiling structures in ceilings and walls where aver possible. The materials are rustic and masculine; massive oak, bare steel structures, gunmetal, concrete combined with warm suede, velvet and wool. The aim has been a warm and relaxed atmosphere that respects the origins of the building itself and era when this building was built.  All room furniture except of sofa tables and armchairs are customized and designed by Arcibella for Hotel Mestari.To our scope included also the light design, exterior light design and main entrance visual design with Broadway Theatre style ceiling lights. New York was also part of our inspiration due to massive building boom of same era Hotel Mestari building originates from. Various small details in public space interiors mirror the NY admiration.


Architect Balcony King_S.jpg

6th floor rooms have original concrete ceiling structure left visible. The I-beam light in most of the rooms was custom designed for Hotel Mestari by us, made by Saas Instruments, a Helsinki based international high-couture light company - it combines indirect and direct light with rough look and details. Screws, massive plank floors, natural materials all underline the masculine material theme

All public spaces follow the theme and our color palette. We added a mezzanine floor to the main restaurant in the inner court that was covered with a glass roof during the conversion. A special light feature is still to be installed.


The multifunctional ballroom eye-catcher wall is a famous photo from the same era the building was built - 1930'ies New York famous skyscraper builders. 

Under: the highest rooms have a movie screening mezzanine above the bed.

Heading 5

The room art was custom made for the hotel by two rising young sculpture stars Pylkkänen & Rautiainen. The laser cut metal work expresses the synthesis of natural and built world. 

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